Thursday, June 28, 2018

Flag cake

Wave your flag for the 4 th of July with this recipe from 2002 from cool whip and jello.

2 pt strawberries
11/2 c boiling water
1 pkg 8 oz red flavor jello
1 c cold water
1 pound cake sliced in 10 slices
11/3 c blueberries
1 tub of cool whip topping thawed

Make gelatin and put in refrigerator.
Line a 12 x 8 in pan with cake. Stir strawberries ( 1 cup) and blueberries(1cup) into gelatin. Spoon over cake.
Refrigerate  for 4 hours. Spread cool whip over gelatin. Decorate with blueberry and strawberries to make flag design. In picture.  Lisa

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