Wednesday, June 6, 2018

YoYo Day * Fabric Ones

 I am a craft girl and when some one says YoYo Day - I think fabric one. Here's a basic DIY  version - I am sure you have one too. 

  Cotton fabric scraps / Pressed flat 
   Needle / thread / scissors 
Something to mark fabric with 
Circle template ( you don't have one - a wine glass or ant round surface will do ) 

You want a circle that is approximately double the size of the the desired finished yo-yo.

  1. Take fabric & trace the template & cut around it.
  2. Working with the wrong side of the fabric toward you, gently turn under approximately 1/8" to 1/4" of the edge of the circle.
  3. Holding the needle thread, pull the thread to gather the circle.This will pull it together and form a circle in the center. 
  4. The whole in the center can be covered with buttons Or any thing else you would like. 
  5. You can turn them into flowers or add them together to form a quilt patter & many more idea's .  Need idea

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