Thursday, July 12, 2018

Garden Paper Bag Album

Today we are celebrating Paper Bag Day !!! 

Making a paper bag book is really easy. Perfect for any occasion they can be made with any size bags. From small snack bags to grocery store bags. So next time you are at the market ask for some extra bags. Or save yours from lunch.

    Easy Directions: 

You will need  at least (3 bags )  and stagger them so that the open flap falls to the right- then left -then right. Laying them on top of one another and fold in half To make a sharp grease

You  then can bind  them with a ribbon or punch hole on the left side and thread with ribbon. Or make a binder for the edge. That's up to you.

Decorate as you wish for any occasion : new baby, holiday ,or any event you would like to celebrate. 

This one is a garden book for my Mom. With binder rings used for bindings the edge.

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