Monday, August 27, 2018

Chocolate Coffee Pot de creme

1/2 package of Chocolate chips (best you can find)
4   Eggs
2/3  C    Heavy Cream
1/4  C    Strong coffee (espresso/dark roast)
2  T   vanilla extract

Add Chips & Eggs to blender - blend until chips are broken down.  Turn to  low speed  add  heated  Cream (very hot) and then Coffee. Add vanilla and turn to High blend until chips melted. Pour into ramekins and let set up in refrigerator overnight,  Serve with fresh berries & whipped cream.

What is it?

Pot de crème, plural pots de crème, is a loose French dessert custard dating to the 17th century. The name means "pot of custard" or "pot of cream", which also refers to the porcelain cups in which the dessert is served

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