Thursday, August 16, 2018

Granny's Rum Balls

 Happy Rum Day *

 today's recipe is for Granny Rum balls. Perfect for the up coming holiday but good at any time. 

  • 21/2 C Crushed vanilla wafers
  • 1 C Confectioner Sugar 
  • 1 C ground pecans
  • 2 T plus 2 t  of baking CoCoa
  • 1/4 C rum
  • 2 T water 

* additional cursed pecans ,sprinkles or sugar can be used to roll them in. 

Mix together wafer crumbs, pecans, confectioners' sugar and cocoa. Combine rum, honey and water; stir into crumb mixture. Shape into 1-in. balls. Roll in additional confectioners' sugar or wafer crumbs. Store in an airtight container.

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