Monday, November 18, 2019

Planner Monday

Welcome to Planner Monday ! 

I am planning out my busy week to day how about you - even though I use my phone and computer I love the feeling of writing it down and checking it off. So I am off to planning this week I leave you with some thoughts.....Lisa 

Why? Paper planners give you a visual, in your hand, space for writing down notes, creating to-do lists, and noting ideas while you’re on the fly. Writing down things is the age-old way to get things done.

 Tips to get you started or inspired to plan more: 
  1. Choose a planner that fits your needs. ...
  2. Pick a planner that's portable. ...
  3. Fill in important events and dates right away. ...
  4. Schedule regular planning time. ...
  5. Keep everything in one place.
  6. just do it..... 

On a budget the local  Dollar Store has great planners of all sizes as well as stickers.....Also use those Craft store coupons for planner deals. 

Here's a great video for beginners from Happy Planner. 

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