Thursday, February 20, 2020

Index Card scrapping

Scrapping with index  cards books  can be fun way to explore your creative side. The small size of the individual cards ( 3 x 5) makes this the ideal place to start an easy  album. 

Suggestions  for your mini albums : 

  • Address Book: Add photos of loved ones and your favorite friends and family sayings to the divider cards .
  • Birthday and Anniversary Reminders: Use seasonal embellishments to mark off the months, then embellish birthday and anniversary date cards with favorite photos.
  • Gift Lists: Keep track of clothing sizes, favorite colors, and other information you may need when shopping for presents.
  • Recipe Box: Decorate this project with photos of your favorite dishes and your loved ones enjoying special holiday meals.
  • Calendar: Create a handy space to keep track of appointments and things to do

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