Monday, February 3, 2020

Project Life * Monday

Hello !

Welcome to my blog if you are new. Every Monday I post everyday pictures collected from the week. Nothing special just a little glimpse of what life is like from my camera. This is this weeks story …… Lisa

Everyday Life Pictures:

My story stats here:
  • First sign of Spring and warmer weather – are the wild flowers piping up. Love all the great colors.
  • Melville ,La. : my town population 1200. Small rural town in South Louisiana on the river.
  • UL squirrels. My son sends these to me from college. They are very friendly -since the students feed them. They even have there own Instagram page !!!
  • Dotcom or Grey one of the twin grey cats we own. Dotcom has a large dot on his leg. ( my son named them) . They love to get in the way when I am crafting.

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