Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Graduation : 

The graduates of 2020 will always be special. But are you planning a Party to honor your graduate ?

Celebrate Your 2020 Graduate at Home — from Virtual Gatherings to Town-Wide Tributes!

  1. Throw a virtual celebration on Zoom with friends and family.
  2. Organize a drive-by parade.
  3. Bring the ceremony to you.
  4. Transform your home into a party spot.
  5. Paint the town with Pride Many communities have also shown their support for the class of 2020 by decorating front doors, windows, and yards with pictures, signs, banners, and memorabilia from their high school years.

Graduation Party decorations : 

  • 1 cardboard /chip bard box
  • construction paper
  • sticker 
This was an old box from Christmas so I painted it white. And Covered the top with purple (school colors). Using an cap template from pintrest : I made the black cap and gold tassel. With white highlights. And glued the cap on top and add the sticker . 
The box is great to place on the table to hold graduation cards pr monetary gifts for the graduate. 

This box can be made large for center piece or small for keepsake box. 

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